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Cavitation Lipo

Cavitation Lipo is one of the most advanced and complete ultrasonic machine in worldwide market. 36K cavitation is a process by which the fat cells are disturbed by tiny bubbles formed due to the thermal effects of ultrasound.

Effect of Cavitation

These effects caused by cavitation form a powerful synergy against cellulite and local fat deposits. Meanwhile, a high frequency (Radio Frequency electric wave) is applied to the deep issue to stimulate the collagen. RF electric wave not only increases the effect of cavitation, but also lifts and tightens the skin. It’s perfect for skin lifting and body shaping.


How it works?

Focused ultrasonic fat reduction instrument uses the transducer to generate ultrasonic waves, directly penetrate the skin, focus in the subcutaneous fat layer of a certain depth, and use the mechanical and cavitation comprehensive effects of ultrasonic waves to destroy the fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer of the abdomen and make them collapse. , broken down into cellular debris and free fat. Cell debris is phagocytosed by phagocytes, and free fat is metabolized to the liver via lymph and blood.

In short, the focused ultrasound fat reduction instrument uses high-energy focused ultrasound to destroy the fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer of the abdomen.

Before & After

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Before & After

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Before & After

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