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Physio Therapy

In 1939, British scientists discovered that the capacitor resistance under the action of high frequency can produce a diathermic effect(Physio Therapy Effect); Human tissue itself has different capacitance and resistance properties, and the thermal effect of high-frequency current in human tissue can promote blood and lymph circulation; Accelerated blood circulation can promote the input of nutrients and regulate local temperature; Accelerated lymphatic circulation can promote lymphatic drainage, remove waste and excessive water.

Shock wave therapy

It is a relatively new treatment method. Shock wave is a new technology that combines physics and medicine. It is usually used to treat orthopedic diseases. A series of biological effects can play a role in reducing chronic inflammation, relieving pain, etc. At present, it will not cause great damage to the body, and it belongs to a minimally invasive treatment.



It is a non-invasive “diathermy therapy“, which uses 350W high-power RF radio frequency technology, and the most ideal 470KHz frequency in the medical field, combined with CET&RET thermal energy conduction mode (CET probe is aimed at subcutaneous tissue and fascia layer RET probe penetrates The depth can reach 80mm, mainly for visceral fat and musculoskeletal), causing local tissue molecules to generate strong resonance rotation and friction, so as to generate “deep source heat” in the body, physically increase body temperature, and artificially create “fever” for the body. surroundings.

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