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Space plasma uses energy of a specific frequency to generate plasma. The properties of the plasma are active and quickly combine with bacteria on the surface of the human body, thereby destroying the structure of the bacteria and playing an anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effect; and TDDS plasma has a non-invasive superconducting effect, which can act on connecting skin cells Adhesive molecules quickly open the cell channel and promote the penetration of the product 10 times; 

At the same time, it stimulates and promotes collagen proliferation, repair sensitive skin, sterilize and anti-inflammatory, and accelerate product absorption, achieving anti-aging effect.


  1. Brighten skin tone, improve dark and yellow skin, and remove pigment.
  2. Effectively improve the symptoms of facial redness and swelling, shrink pores in time.
  3. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory


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1.Space Plasma has no specifictreatment area and can be used on all parts of the body.

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2.The energy produced by the plasma is generated by a small electric current, which is used to treat the drooping part so that it can contract as quickly as possible.

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3.High plasma energy heal the woundto produce collagen, allowing the skin to regenerate. As new collagen is produced, the skin becomes more 

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