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RET CET, A close electric circuit where the current is transmitted 100% from the skin inside the body creating a cascade of biological reactions.

What is CET RET?

TECAR is an energy-based device that works with currents in a range from 0.3MHz to 1 MHz, although some operate up to 10MHz or higher, these limits are not considered strict. The main purpose of the radiofrequency device is to increase local tissue temperature. The electrically induced heat is historically known as diathermy. Diathermy is purported to trigger a chain reaction in the body, which is responsible for many therapeutic effects, one of them is stimulating the body’s natural repair processes.

In radiofrequency the local temperature increase is called hyperthermia. The effects of hyperthermia will depend on the temperature reached, how long temperature is maintained, as well as the protocol of application.


Whilst the common use of TECAR is the aforementioned hyperthermia; it has been discovered through scientific research that 448 kHz is the optimum frequency to deliver a sub-thermal treatment which will maximise the bodies natural response. Sub-thermal means that the energy applied is not enough to significantly increase the local tissue temperature. These effects have been established as;

  • Stem cells stimulation (for tissue regeneration and wound healing)
  • Fat deposit inhibition (for body contour)
  • Chondrocyte stimulation (joint treatment)

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