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Perhaps, have you heard of the entry-level project in the medical aesthetics-photorejuvenation? (IPL OPT SHR)

It is said to be able to dispel acne and freckle, whiten and brighten skin, anti-aging, pore shrinking and hair removal. It is also known as the miracle of saving bad faces, the all-round medical beauty project.

What Is Photorejuvenation (IPL OPT SHR)?

Photorejuvenation itself is pulsed light, so different wavelengths of light are used to achieve different effects.

According to the professional definition, Photorejuvenation is intense pulsed light, which is essentially the same as ordinary light. Compared with sunlight, it filters out harmful ultraviolet rays and most infrared rays, and retains the spectrum with a wavelength of 500-1200 nanometers.


Broad spectrum, can take into account a variety of treatment effects

1.Helps lighten spots and brighten skin tone.

2.Helps to seal blood streaks and reduce sensitivity.

3.Helps remodel the original and delay aging.

4.Helps remove unwanted hair.

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